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Crystal Energie Bracelet

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Part Color Psychology and Part Vibrational Energy

designed with a leather tassel or metal charm & a Drusy Quartz

bead pulling positive healing energy in your choice of color.  

color list   or   see all colors here

Matte Faceted Hematite Energie Bracelet

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       Hematite draws out all negative energies & the

druzy quartz bead replenishes positive healing energies!  

Women's signature charm

mens without charm

Affirmation Bracelet

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each bracelet comes with a daily affirmation to say aloud each day

designed with a sterling silver charm, jasper, jade or labadorite,  

crystal accents and a drusy quartz bead pulling positive energies

** mens come with accent color/no charm

Jasper and Jade promotes nurturing and healing

and are also spirit stones of courage and wisdom

carrying a strong connection to the earth's energy

making the healing properties beneficial for strength.

                                 Mint:   I choose to Let Go

                                 Beige: I choose Forgiveness

                                 Blush:  I choose to Love Myself

                                 Mahogany:  I choose to be Grateful  

                                 Blue:  I choose to Speak My Truth

                                 Brown:  I choose to be Healthy

                                 Mineral:  I choose to be at peace

                                 Soft Gray:  I choose to be wise

                                 Sea:  I choose to be Mindful    

                                 Golden:  I choose to be happy        

                       NEW  Green; I choose renewal

                       NEW  Earth - I choose courage

                       NEW  Aquamarine - I choose to be confident

                       NEW  Amethyst - I choose balance

                       NEW Moss - I choose to take action

Moon Intention Bracelet

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There is a full moon and new moon each month throughout the year.

Full Moons

are for releasing and letting go

of what no longer serves you

New Moons

are for new beginnings

& setting your intentions

each bracelet comes with a list of all the dates

of the new or full moon throughout the year

along with a ritual to perform, with your bracelet,

setting your intentions for the year

( or can be performed each month to reset if preferred )

note: double wrap bracelets can be held as a mala

if meditating wth rituals and then

doubled over and worn as a double bracelet

FULL MOON : designed with white agate for cleansing

and purifying

NEW MOON : designed with natural quartz for

strength & power



bring out YOUR inner Rockstar

charm style



charm style



Recyled Leather Journal Wrap Cuff

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looks, ties and wraps like a journal  & you write in it as a journal!

a memory  .  message  .  a quote  .  an affirmation

wear it with you always!  

Friendship, Birthday, Weddings, Anniversary, Recovery & Loss.    

Women&  Men ( length 3" ) & Unisex ( length 1" )

colors vary - stock changes monthly

Dharmachakra Mindfulness Bracelet

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each bracelet comes with a short meditation/intention guide to help begin a quiet simple sitting practice

designed with sandalwood beads and agar wood for their calming properties and for enhancing intentions





cleansing kit

  > For Your Home/Office Body & Spirit <

cleanse with intention and raise your vibration

kit include:

Organic Handmade Sage,Juniper.& Rose Smude Stick

Palo Santo Stick

Natural Stone Sphere

Moonlight Matches

Rituals and Instructions

Also For New or Full Moon or to cleanse releasing negative energy

Full Moon comes with Hematite to pull negative energy

New Moon comes with Aventurine to cleanse and renew

.  cleansed   .   energized   .   charged   .   moon bathed   .

MORE     kits        COMING        SOON

charm style




Buddhist Blessing Scroll Necklace

*  limited edition *

Each from Tibet blessed and scripted on the outside from the individual monk who rolled them.

Keep and wear your blessing with you always.

34” length

Bohemian Crescent Moon Drusy Necklace

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each one of a kind drusy crecent moon pentdant

is open on the back for full vibrational energy.  


Available in 3 color hues & Adjustable to two lengths



Spring Energie

march 20 - june 20

Vernal Equinox energie bracelet is handmade with rose jade and Rhyolite drop with bronze crystal accents and a drusy quartz bead pulling positive healing energies.

each bracelet comes with a description on the energies of the spring season, the birthdays incorporated within the season, a bit about the tarot of the spring season and a few keywordson the power energies as well.

LIMITED RESTOCK -Vernal Equinox  Energie Bracelet