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we are so excited to share our newest addition

Seasons In Stone with planetary aspects

in collaboration with the most beautiful goddess

Audrey Alison Astrology and Tarot!

Audrey Alison has been an Astrologer, Tarot Advisor & Medium for over 25 years with a purpose to help heal those searching for clarity and guidance on their life path.

We have combined our talents and energies co creating Seasons In Stone to bring you

beautiful ENERGIE for each season & the properties and elements they each represent!  

The meaning and focus of each bracelet is the positive energy that encompasses

each season along with the corresponding birthdays contained within.  

                    Summer Solstice - June 21- September 21

                    Autumnal Equinox - September 22- December 20

                    Winter Solstice - December 21 - March 19

                    Vernal Equinox - March 20 - June 20

bring out YOUR inner Rockstar

june 21 - sept 21

Summer Energie Planetary Influence

june 21 - sept 21

Summer Solstice energie bracelet is handmade with peach jade and blue calcite 14 mm sphere to represent the Moon with crystal accents and a drusy quartz bead pulling positive healing energies.

each bracelet comes with a description on the energies of    the summer season, the birthdays incorporated within the season, a bit about the tarot of the fall season and a few keywords on the power energies as well.

Additional Energies:

Autumnal Equinox - coffee jade/labradorite to represent Venus

Winter Solstice - gray jade/qquamarine to represent Jupiter

Vernal Equinox - rose' jade/rhyolite to represent Mars

Seasons In Stone Planetary Influence Energie Bracelets