all of our bracelets are designed

with a  Drusy Quartz bead ( the stone of gentleness )

pulling positive healing energies

crystal energie bracelets

Our crystal color energies are designed in two ways. Part is color psychology and the other is vibrational energy from the stones.  

You are attracted to certain colors for a reason as they are energies that you need in your life at a specific time or if you have a color around you always ( home, clothing etc ) that is the energy that you are.  Your color choices will can vary from day to day, month etc. as you choose which colors to keep and wear to bring you the energy that you need.

affirmation bracelets

Our affirmation bracelets come with a daily affirmation to say aloud each day to plant new seeds of change. I describe affirmations in a simple way.   Each of us has a small plant that has grown inside us, It started growing when we were very young, made up of anything & everything that we have been told negatively or believe to be out truth in our subconscious mind...ie: i am not good enough, pretty enough etc. These self limiting beliefs stop us from having all the wonderful things we want in life.

In order to rid ourselves of the false beliefs is to plant new Seeds of change and positive thinking to get rid of the old plant and grow a new beautiful positive plant. With daily affirmation practice you will reset your mind and create what you want reversing and eliminating these old subconscious beliefs that have been holding you back from everything you deserve.   The journey on your new path begins.    

Mens Styles available.

hematite bracelets

Our hematite bracelets draw out the negative energie and ailments from the body and the drusy quartz replaces it with positivity. These are great if you are around negative people or touching others and taking on their energies.  


Mens Styles available.

moon intention bracelets

Our Moon Intention bracelets come with a list of all the new or full moons throughout the year and a ritual to perform on the new or full moon with your braclelet.  

There is a New Moon and a Full Moon each month. Full Moons are for releasing and letting go of what no longer serves you and New Moons are for setting your intentions for what you want in your life each month or for the year.  

Mens Styles available.

dharmachakra mindfulness bracelet

each bracelet comes with a short meditation/intention guide to help begin a quiet simple sitting practice.  

the dharmachakra or dharma wheel is the wheel of transformation representing the teachings in buddhist practice and the pathways one must take in order to achieve

nirvana ( a peaceful state of mind )  

designed with sandalwood, redwood and agar wood for their calming properties for enhanced intentions.

recycled leather

journal wrap cuff

looks, ties and wraps like a journal  & write inside it as a journal!

a memory  .  message  .  a quote  .  an affirmation  .  wear it with you always

gifts for: friendship, birthday, weddings, anniversary, recovery or loss.  

womens, mens and unisex styles available

.  limited edition   .

blessing scroll necklace

Each from Tibet blessed and scripted on the outside from the individual monk who rolled them.

Keep and wear your blessing with you always.

34” length

jar of energie

release the energie for daily healing

Each jar contains a collection of 3 bracelets along with a

daily affirmation to speak aloud each day to bring strength

and healing to your choice of energies:

love  .  strength  .  renewal  .  health  .  happiness  .  wisdom

seasons in stone

with Audrey Alison Astrology & Tarot

Audrey Alison has been an Astrologer, Tarot Advisor & Medium for over 25 years with a purpose to help heal those searching for clarity and guidance on their life path.

We have combined our talents and energies co creating Seasons In Stone to bring you energie for each season & the properties and elements they each represent!  

The meaning and focus of each bracelet is the positive energy that encompasses each season along with the corresponding birthdays contained within

bring out YOUR inner Rockstar